Perimeter Security Manager
Perimeter Security Solutions - Alarm Monitoring and Control System
Perimeter Security Manager
Perimeter Security Manager is a real-time, Windows-based security monitoring and control system that provides the ultimate in integration capabilities, reliability and ease of use. The system is ideal for facilities seeking to integrate and manage numerous perimeter security devices across single or multiple locations.

Perimeter Security Manager monitors, displays and controls Southwest Microwave's complete range of perimeter detection sensors, including the INTREPID MicroPoint Cable and MicroTrack systems. The system also incorporates and operates a wide range of third party, contact-closure controlled security devices, and facilitates high level interface to CCTV cameras, digital video recorders and monitors.

Perimeter Security Manager features hierarchical operation, multiple site control, multiple user workstations and remote system access via password-protected TCP/IP protocol. With extensive expansion potential and quick-configure site plans, this unique, flexible graphic user interface (GUI) offers a scalable solution for the successful management of an organization's current and future perimeter security programs.
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