Model 316-33457 Stop Bar Control Sensor
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Model 316-33457 Stop Bar Control Sensor
Southwest Microwave's Model 316-33457 Volumetric Stop Bar Control Sensor can be combined with traditional aircraft stop bar safety systems to ensure the reliable, effective detection of aircraft or vehicle movement between taxiway and active runway. Operating in K-band frequency, this bi-static microwave link is engineered for applications where external radio frequency (RF) radiation is prevalent, offering enhanced RF interference (RFI) resistance not possible with X-band microwave links.

With antenna beam width of approximately 3.5 in the horizontal and vertical planes, the Model 316-33457 will operate at long ranges and within very narrow corridors to provide unmatched detection performance.

The Model 316-33457 features enhanced electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) circuitry that prevents electromagnetic interference (EMI) between the sensor's own energy signal and RF emissions from aircraft and airport radar control systems, microwave intrusion detection systems and other RF-based equipment. Additionally, Model 316-33457 features a unique RFI/EMI shielded radome for added protection against external RF radiation, making it an exceptional on-ground traffic solution.

Narrow band receiver design provides unmatched detection performance by alarming on partial or complete beam interruption, increase or decrease in signal level or jamming by other transmitters. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) allows the receiver to compensate for varying site or environmental conditions. Six field-selectable crystal controlled modulation channels with narrow band filtering allow multiple Model 316-33457 sensors to be used in tandem without mutual interference.

The sensor's transmitter and receiver are packaged in compact weatherproof housings, designed to withstand harsh temperature and environmental extremes, and to provide optimal resistance to wind loading.
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